ProfitGuard is the leading provider of business credit information to the industrial sector. 

Utilizing the latest technology, we combine our proprietary credit, financial, and trade information, along with our industry knowledge, to provide you with the ability to effectively manage credit more easily than ever before.


Current Relevant Credit Data


Value of Analyst Insight


Timely and Reliable Credit Limit Guidelines and Alerts
Current Relevant Credit Data   Value of Analyst Insight   Timely and Reliable Credit Limit Guidelines and Alerts

Results in Reduced Risk & Better Credit Decisions



ProfitGuard’s new platform brings business credit data together from multiple resources, credit ratings, financial information, analyst insight, and intelligence from the PG Credit Network and delivers it in a faster, more user-friendly format.

Sample credit report

Sample credit report


How a PG subscription works

credit services

Each ProfitGuard subscription is a 12-month contract based on units. Depending on what level subscription you purchase, you receive a certain number of units to use in your contract year to order credit services. You can use your units how you please (see unit cost chart).


Essential Information

Essential Information

Do you need a quick credit decision?
No problem!

Just input the customer name, confirm, and your report is available immediately showing a Calculated Credit Limit (CCL). If the CCL is not sufficient to meet your credit limit amount, we suggest you request an analyst guideline.

The Essential Information Tab provides an instant snapshot of your customer’s risk profile.

It summarizes all needed credit data to make a timely credit decision. This section is great for lower dollar transactions that occur frequently or when time is of the essence.

Trade Experience

We know that the most timely and relevant trade data on your customer is often found in how the company pays other suppliers.

With PG’s Credit Network you can now submit trade experience directly and view detailed information on how your customer is paying other suppliers. Another benefit of sharing your information is that we will place all buyers that are not on Premium Alert under our Basic Alert at no cost!


Trade Experience


  • Peer-to-peer detailed trade
  • Alerts and comments from trusted peers
  • Benchmarking experiences versus each other
  • 3rd party trade from traditional bureaus
  • Basic Alert includes payment behavior, notice of delinquency risk and bankruptcy filings
  • The option to include a PG logo on your invoices to let customers know payment experiences are reported to the PG network

Profit Guard Invoice Sticker

PG Credit Network

You will have the ability to communicate within the PG Credit Network in a secure, anti-trust compliant network to exchange trade information, request references, report special conditions or gain additional insight on your customers. If you contact the PG Network to report or inquire about a customer, your contact info will be visible, so others can respond. Trade data contributed will remain anonymous unless you choose to reveal your company name.

PG Credit Network


Payment Quality Index (PQI Score) and PG Score

Payment Quality Index (PQI Score) and PG Score

Our new PQI Score predicts the likelihood of being paid within terms based on historical trade data. It is based purely on supplier trade and is weighted based on many factors including past dues, past due aging, and payments over a period.

PQI is measured on a scale of 0 - 100, where the timelier payers trend in the low 80's or higher. PQI can be used as one factor in evaluating the risk of non-payment, prioritizing collections efforts, or benchmarking trends.

The PG Score is a sophisticated default score that predicts the likelihood that a company will become insolvent or fail over the next 12-month period.

The PG Score considers the characteristics of thousands of businesses in the PG database and the correlation these characteristics have to the probability of a company experiencing financial distress within a 12-month period.


FinancialsFinancials Tab
Quickly and easily analyze 4 years of detailed company financial data with financial ratios calculated for you. You can also pull parent company financial statements for an additional unit.

ProfitGuard’s platform takes the hard work out of the equation and presents easy to understand graphs that show your customer’s financial trends.


Premium Risk Monitoring and Credit Alerts

Premium Risk Monitoring and Credit AlertsThe Premium Alert Service is our most comprehensive risk monitoring service, driven by our analyst team. When you place a customer in your Premium Alert Portfolio, an experienced PG analyst that is assigned to it will monitor the account daily for any risk changes.

In addition, the analyst will perform periodic credit reviews. When risk changes, a notification will be sent to alert you. You can also expect other credit news and reports that are credit risk related. For example, certain key press releases, third party reports, credit news items like a new bank arrangement, covenant violation, forbearance etc.

What makes the Premium Alert Service Different?

Premium Alert Service The level of analysis is why PG stands apart.
Each customer is monitored by an analyst. We obtain financial statements; analyze liquidity trends, banking agreement details, covenant compliance, and capital structure among other key credit metrics. This information is then analyzed from a financial, business, industry, and management risk perspective.

PG performs credit assessments at the entity, subsidiary, parent, and ultimate parent or equity sponsor level – considering all cross-relationship credit risks to formulate our credit rationale. Our credit analysts are experienced in the industrial sector, including metals, manufacturing, plastics, chemicals, paper, and many others.

Portfolio Dashboard

Quickly view or filter all Premium Alert Types

  • Save account-level notes, documents, and financials viewable confidentially only by you and your team
  • Customize your portfolio views and create watch lists
  • Create alerts when exposures go beyond acceptable parameters
  • Download data to Excel if you want to do custom analysis

Portfolio Dashboard

Talk with us to explore in more detail how PG can help you better manage risk and safely expand sales.


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